Arianna Grande fans are up-in-arms about a now-viral video that has resurfaced on Twitter. The video is a compilation of scenes from the Nickelodeon show 'Victorious' where Grande speaks directly to the camera. Fans have pointed out that these scenes have highly sexualized undertones, and exploit the naivete of the young pop star.

The post, originally from Khalia, said, "everyone keeps bringing Ariana Grande for stan drama against Jennette, and idk why. let’s not forget, Ariana is a victim herself of the creepiness of Dan Schneider. this is why she doesn’t talk about the role of cat valentine anymore. they sexualized and infantilized her."

In the video, Grande is seen sucking her toe, moaning while squeezing a potato, and laying upside down at the edge of the bed dumping water on her face and chest. She also inserts her finger into her mouth at one point.

Fans were outraged, with one saying, "This is absolutely disgusting. As an adult watching this right now you can tell EXACTLY what they were doing. I hope she speaks on it, people will definitely support her. But understand exactly why she doesn’t give how they treat people who do."

This all comes during the release of ICarly star Jennette McCurdy's memoir, "I'm Glad My Mom Died", which details the Nickelodeon child actress' mistreatment at the hands of the studio and Dan Schneider.

When confronted online about the mistreatment of minors on the Nickelodeon shows, Schneider has responded by saying the allegations are "ridiculous", and his style of comedy is "totally innocent."

McCurdy also claimed before she was ready to finally leave Nickelodeon studios, they offered her $300,000 to stay quiet about their mistreatment.

It looks like Nickelodeon has been trying to hide their shame for a long time now, but you can only bring up feet so many times before people get weirded out.