"Pink Sauce" has become the new viral craze on TikTok. It's a concoction made by a personal chef, Carly Pii, who has been posting videos of people smothering all types of food with it.  Chicken legs, shrimp, tacos she has put "pink sauce" on just about every meal you can think of. She has even sipped it straight out of the glass.

The taste has been compared to ranch dressing, however, the ingredients are dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, chile, honey, and garlic. Pii is claiming it is all natural ingredients and totally healthy to eat. Pink Sauce is going for 20 dollars a bottle.

Pii said, "the negative narrative is becoming a bit much," about the immediate backlash she got from posting her creation online.

Many people criticized her misspelling of ingredients, incorrect nutrition labels, and overall lack of food safety measures. One customer who received the sauce said it smelled "rotten" and the bottle had less than 2oz of sauce inside.

Food safety should be taken very seriously, however, there have currently been no reports of anyone getting sick from Pink Sauce.

It's quite common for internet influencers to create poorly regulated and untested products. They continually put people at risk with their attention-seeking attitudes.

Pii said in a statement, "This turned into a product overnight, but I wasn’t able to verbalize my plan for it like a regular individual. I’m not an influencer. Before this, TikTok didn’t know me from anyone else."

Pink Sauce hit the market before it was ready and people noticed. We must know at this point that anything on the internet is susceptible to criticism. 

"This is a small business that is moving really fast. We are following FDA standards, however. We are currently in lab testing. … I’m a passionate person, but I’m listening to y’all," Pii said in a video.

It was a rough start for Pink Sauce, but maybe we'll be seeing it on the shelf at the grocery store next to the Thousand Island someday.