flat put friday - goofball, port-a-potty race

Have you ever seen a port-a-potty race a two-wheeled jet ski? If you have, it probably means that you've seen the Flat Out Friday Goofball race, where just about anything goes, and costumes are mandatory. Welcome to America as it should be.

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Located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Flat Out Friday is "an indoor flat track motorcycle race on a Dr. Pepper syrup-coated concrete track." How awesome is that?

Flat Out Friday has multiple races in many classes, from brakeless to vintage, to goofball. According to the rules, "almost anything with 2 wheels (sometimes with just one or three!) goes! In addition, it is mandatory for racers to wear a costume in this class." 

Flat Out Friday is certainly not short on entertainment between the races either. "Expect the unexpected at Flat Out Friday. In the past, there has been a marriage, an impromptu wrestling match, and more all right on the track in between races." This is what America is all about.