There's a new teaser trailer out for The Little Mermaid and Flounder – Ariel’s cute fish sidekick played by the adorable Jacob Trembley – has been met with some very strong reactions, ranging from horror to outrage to hunger.

Disney’s live-action adaptations have favored realistic depictions of our favorite furry or scaly characters.

Many are opposing the realistic depiction saying that it’s wholly unneeded and scary.

“...Disney should try to find the balance between realistic remakes and preserving the magic of the animations…from world-building, colors, especially the character designs-I mean Flounder is a fish ok but lion king felt like a natgeo/animal planet documentary with [voiceover],” says Twitter user @albertraqueno.

While many people are thinking back to how Flounder looked before – he was a plump, blue and yellow fish with teeny tiny fins – his new flat look has people wondering if he might have a prescription for Ozempic, anti-obesity medication.  

What kind of fish is Flounder anyway? Well, Disney modeled the animated Flounder not as his namesake but as an angelfish. But for the live-action adaptation, Flounder is less bulbous and more flat.

Despite his flatness, there were many people on Twitter imagining grand dinners made out of Flounder’s flesh. People are planning on serving Flounder grilled with a side of fried plantains.

“Me and my friends would eat Flounder with tartar sauce I’ll tell you that,”  confesses Twitter user @markburnssss

Flounder’s lifeless face is not going anywhere as The Little Mermaid is coming to theaters on May 26. And we can’t wait to hear Jacob Trembley’s excitable voice come out of a fish that looks like it’s taken way too many pills.