Great news for Billy Ray Cyrus, midwestern moms moonlighting as gymnastics coaches and every single man under the age of 30 living in Bushwick — mullets are back and more presidential than ever.

Earlier this week, Twitter user Cam Harless emerged as the platform’s main character — nay, hero — du jour, using AI software to boldly answer the age-old question of what every single POTUS from George Washington to Joe Biden would look if they came together (and in some cases, back from the dead) to star in‘70s buddy cop flick.

Sharing the photos in a thread unofficially entitled “every American president, but they're all cool and they all sport a mullet,” Harless’ images quickly garnered millions of views, a testament to the digital overlords’ apparent abilities to make Biden look like an ‘80s WWE star, Lyndon B. Johnson resembles late 2000s Bono, and spark questions over whether Herbert Hoover was actually a long lost Pawn Stars appraiser.

"I love making AI art," Harless explained of his project to Newsweek, noting that humor often guides his approach. "Often I think of a prompt, create the image and choose the one that makes me laugh the most to present on Twitter and have people try and guess my prompt.”

Mulleted POTUS-es, he said, were seemingly no exception. "The idea of Biden with a mullet made me laugh, so I tried to make one with him and Trump together,” he said. “That led to the whole list of presidents."

After all, who needs “E pluribus unum” when you have “business in the front, party in the back”?