The Kids USA Mullet Championships is Absolutely Epic

The kids in the Kids USA Mullet Championships look absolutely awesome! Rocking perfect accessories, sick shades, and fitting names to go along with their masterful mullets, these youths are already ready to get behind a grill, or floor a raised Ford F-150. Initially a local competition in Michigan, the Mullet Championships have grown into a national event, with online voting akin to something out of American Idol. You can vote for your favorite kid's cut here.

Perhaps even better than the haircuts are the awesome names they come with. These kids didn't just join the mullet life, they were born into it from day one. It's no surprise a kid named "Brock Higgins" from Georgia would be rocking the side shaved flow. The winners apparently walk home with a $2.5K prize, and all other proceedings go towards the Michigan Wig Foundation for kids. Whoever wins, all these kids are deserving of recognition for their majestic mullets.
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