Elvis seemed to be a favorite going into last night's Academy Awards with 8 nominations including a Best Actor nom for star, Austin Butler. However, the film ended up going home empty-handed winning zero awards. The internet was quick to jump on the Austin Butler bash bandwagon.

In case you somehow forgot, Butler has been the butt of many jokes after stating that he hasn't been able to kick his Elvis voice even though the film was released in June of 2022. Method acting at its finest.

It remains to be seen if this will be Austin Butler's lasting legacy. I personally think he'll bounce back and won't just be relegated to 'the guy who played Elvis that one time.' But the internet was still relishing in his defeat.

No surprise here, Brendan Fraser took home the Academy Award for Best Actor and it was well-deserved. Sometimes it really do be like that. Don't worry Austin, there's always next year.