Cheaters getting called out is incredibly satisfying. What may be even more satisfying, however, is people calling out those who falsely accuse them of cheating.

That’s exactly what happened in a video posted by TikToker @berryd_treasure. According to Berry, he was texting two women on a flight, telling both of them that he loves them. The person next to him threatened to expose him for cheating, saying that she had taken note of his TikTok handle to put him on blast.

The only problem? The two women were Berry’s wife and daughter.

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At first, some TikTokers saw the humor in the situation. “That was the most polite FO TikTok I’ve seen — well played Sir,” wrote one user. “I applaud you for not ----- slapping her,” added another.

But this is TikTok — meaning that for every person who took the story at face value, there were 20 more convinced that the video was made as part of a conspiracy to cover up the TikToker’s affair.

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“I love this!! Women looking out for other women! Nice!! This feels like gaslighting to me. And if it’s not, why make this vid & give this any air?” asked a commenter. “I am happy the woman made you accountable. Not fair to your wife,” stated another.

It’s very possible that these commenters and the others who duetted their sentiment were simply trying to be Le Epic Trolls. Regardless, Berry later felt the need to prove that he was, in fact, only texting his wife and child.

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So for every TikToker convinced that Berry was cheating on his wife, he was not — he was merely sitting next to one of the many crazy people who currently populate our skies.