woman finds job listing - higher salary

UX writer Kimberly Nguyen took to Twitter to share a strange job listing that she noticed her employer had posted on LinkedIn. To her surprise, the listing was for another UX writing position, except with a salary range was "$32k-$90k more than they currently pay me." So of course, she applied.

After her post gained traction, Kimberly made sure to keep everybody updated on her journey to solve the mystery of the higher-paying listing. She also made sure her co-workers were kept in the loop. "I’ve got some audacity," she said. "I posted the link in the group chat of all of us underpaid UX writers and now we’ve got an emergency meeting tomorrow to talk about it."

After Kimberly's application, the listing was taken down and reposted. It would appear that it is being offered to somebody within the company, and was not intended to attract external applicants. 

This experience, and her company's reaction to it, has officially shaken Kimberly's trust enough to start looking for positions elsewhere. "I'm officially announcing that I am looking for UX writing roles," she said. At least she was able to use the virility of her Tweet to plug her poetry collection