Many women want their men to help out in the kitchen more often, and for them to use their heads when they do. Unfortunately, the help isn’t always up to par, and phrases like “weaponized incompetence” get slung around at a moment’s notice. 

But now, some women have found a way for their husbands, boyfriends, and even children to use their heads and help during breakfast: Crack the egg on their forehead.


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Being bald is an easy way to find yourself a victim of this prank. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought about cracking an egg on a bald man’s forehead? If you do it right, he should hardly get any egg on himself at all.

“I think she hit his reset button,” MsUnderstood joked about one dad.

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@nadineabdallah_ He expected everything but this to happen in the video im crying #dad #crackingegg #arab ♬ original sound - Nadine Abdallah

@theblondebrewer I just told him to sit in the chair because I needed to film some thing. This is the most raw and real reaction anyone could ask for. #crackegg #relationshipgoals #couplescomedy ♬ original sound - TheBlondeBrewer

But while some men reacted negatively to the trend, others realized the prank is all in good fun. "After careful consideration, bro chose to go with the flow,” Eden commented on this clip.


I told him i just needed him to sit there for a video but i know he didnt see that coming #fyp #funny #trendyy #foryoupage #relatable #crackingeggschallenge #egghead #couplescomedy

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TikTok has been known to throw up some questionable trends when it comes to food, like last month’s “Candy Salad,” but the “egg crack challenge” is harmless fun that finally gives men that helpful kitchen role they've been looking for. Just don’t ask them to go dice the tomatoes after.

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