McDonald's Japanese menu has been a source of intrigue for western audiences, but would they really take it that far?

A tweet revealing what at first glance appeared to be a fry-pubed Ronald McDingdong advertising McD's in Japan had users shocked and confused.

The food site Delish noticed the stark similarity between the ad previous work by the artist "wizardskull."

Twitter users began to wonder if the ad was fake.

Twitter user "Jonny Cairo" came through with the real answer: The ad was a parody by a company who emphasizes natural or "naked" ingredients.

A write-up by Unseen Japan takes it to the house.

Nearly all of Yotteba’s ads are a little offbeat. And the container design — and the ads — are clearly tongue in cheek. Yotteba knows it’s mimicking the Golde Arches with this ploy. And it appears happy to keep the gag running to appeal to its customer base: adults looking for someplace to eat and drink after work.

Gotcha! We hope Wizardskull is raking in some sweet royalties (with cheese).