911 Operator Misses Call While Ordering Pizza


Another story from the wonderful world of Florida, where a Broward County 911 operator was just trying to order food for herself and her coworkers. Francis Francois, who is apparently not the main character in a children’s TV show, was placing a lunch order when a man in nearby Ft. Lauderdale fainted inside a Clearsight Opticians. Clearsight staff attempted to call 911 but received no response or call back, as Francis was perhaps asking Papa John what their toppings were again.


"He started to convulse, had a seizure, fell out of the exam chair," Jared Goodman, a Clearsight employee, said. "I thought there would be more than one person answering the phone. I can't believe there is just the one lady."


NBC 6 attempted to reach Francis Francois Friday (five times fast!) but could not reach her, as she may have been on the line ordering Chinese.


In all, Francois’ pizza order took over eight minutes (!), during which the pizza guy probably died of boredom. In the recording she makes multiple orders and checks prices of different selections, probably going with the “Veggie Lover’s” while people were out there having strokes.


A Broward Sheriff's Office report explained that "during this time frame, Ms. Francois failed to respond to the incoming 911 calls despite audible tones and visual alerts resulting in the 911 calls going unanswered and abandoned."


Fortunately, the man who fainted is feeling just fine, and may have even been offered a slice. Unfortunately for Francis Francois, she received an official letter of reprimand, which she can now put on the fridge next to the delivery menus.


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