Community Update - April 10, 2015

Hey everyone.


I hope everyone had a good week. Once a week I’m going to be giving you guys an update on what is going on with the community.


The first thing I should mention is that we will no longer be featuring anymore Buzzfeed videos, we actually haven't featured any since February. The videos that have been uploaded in the past will stay as is.


Getting rid of Buzzfeed was probably the most requested thing from that survey I sent out last week. Over 1400 filled it out and gave us some pretty interesting feedback. Let’s walkthrough them, yeah?


How long have you been visiting eBaum’s World?


I was a little surprised by it, but over 75% of you have been visiting this awesome site for more than 5 years.


Do you have any ideas that can help us make the site better?


"I love looking at Ebaums at work, but I always have to be careful so my boss doesnt see what I am doing. Can you guys add a "Panic" button on every page that one can click on and it goes to like a stock exchange website or the IRS website? This would be very helpful. :)."


Other than this awesome suggestions, a lot of you had some legitimate ideas. The biggest being not enough videos being featured. I just want to say that we see what you guys are saying and will definitely be keeping an eye out for more videos.


The second biggest idea had to do with the comment section. A huge amount of people don’t like how much of a free-for-all it has become. While I don’t necessary agree with them, i do believe there have been a few things that need to be addressed. I’ve already started looking for new mods (you can apply here) and hope to activate them very soon.


What’s the biggest thing you miss about old school eBaum’s?


Porn! Mature section! Moar boobs! Moar dicks!


We know you want it back, but sorry it’s not gonna happen. You can learn why HERE.


What are your thoughts on setting the comment default to “highest rated?”

75% of you are for the idea. So… it’s probably gonna happen sometime within the next couple months. You are more than welcomed to set it back to newest if you’d like.


If eBaum’s threw a huge party, would you come?



Self explanatory.


Why do you like eBaum’s World?


Most you said we’re a funny site… seriously. Thanks!


Why don’t you like eBaum’s World?


Comments suck. Buzzfeed sucks. You suck. No porn.



That pretty much sums that up. It was a very enlighting survey that I hope will help me make you all happy. If you ever have any suggestions, you can always send them to me via message or email at


This was one of my favorite comments this week *even though it was made today:



"I'm putting this place down on my resume. who can I add as reference?" - PoopDickFart

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