Damage report after we rented a house for a weekend

Written about in previous stories(Go back a couple pages and look for Bumblefuck House) and talked about all throught our home town, this list is finally getting released to the public. Lets sum it up Animals rented a house in the middle of no where to get drunk, fuck, and party hard. Results are a broken house.

Here is an email that 50 recieved after the owner cleaned is house.

Damages List for  Cooks Falls Rd  NY

1-Kitchen door screen ripped off.

2-Downstairs Bathroom Toilet Seat Ripped off its hinges

3-Chandelier in Kitchen Not Working due to food like substance in bulb sockets.

4-Red Antique Chair from Dining Room Soaked with Urine. Completely Unusable. Chair worth $500

5-Ceiling in Dining room had hole. Footprints on the ceiling were visible next to hole.

6-Living Room Coffee table had 3 broken legs. Unusable , table worth $100

7-Brown Antique chair from Living Room had both legs broken. Chair worth $250

8-Wood Burning Stove from Living room had broken pipe.

9-Ceiling in living room had hole along with footprints next to damage.

10-All end tables in all 9 bedrooms had burn marks from either incense candles and cigarettes.

11-Coffe Table in entertainment room had burn marks.

12-All through the home there was severe carpet stains from urine or vomit or whatever substance was spilled.

13-Toilet seat from upstairs bathroom was broken and unhinged.

14-Siding on outside deck had ketchup stains and some creamy substance that will require professional outdoor window and siding cleaners to come.

15-Same Ketchup and Creamy Substance on glass window in front of house

16-Window Screen from upstairs 2nd Bathroom ripped off track and completely unusable now.

17- Living Room curtain ripped off its rail and now unusable.

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