Darkness Falls 6

I spent what seemed to be hours tied to that chair. During that time I lost all sense of reality and felt myself teetering on the edge of an abyss just lingering, almost welcoming, the final push that would send me spiralling down into its murky depths. I suffered tauntings, slaps, kicks and pokes, yet none of this mattered. After what I had witnessed earlier that night I fully believed that nothing those two creatures could inflict upon me could make me feel any worse. The pain seemed distant, a minor inconvenience even. With the cold cruel murders of my family I had been visciously hollowed out and left to the wayside like a discarded, withered husk.


My mind had shut down and I sat there taking everything that they could concoct for their own warped sense of demonic amusement. After a while they both gradually stopped, seemingly frustrated at my lack of response to their tortuous ministrations. I slowly lifted my heavy head and stared balefully through streaming rivulets of blood at the pair as they seemed to awkwardly huddle together by the sink. With a lop-sided nod and a freakish grin in my direction the female shambled out of the room leaving me alone with the apparent leader of the wraith-like clan.

This one seemed more in control of his actions than the others. He was taller than the rest. His long back leather slicker rustled as he made his way across the room to me. A deep festering scar ran from the crown of his badly shaved head, past his bulging, seemingly sightless left eye, along his pock-marked cheek and angular jaw, finally disappearing down his scrawny neck and in behind the tattered shirt he wore. Leaning in towards me the creature delicately removed the gag, let it drop, sodden, to the kitchen floor then, to my amazement and revulsion, croaked out three small words;




I fought to keep from throwing up on myself as the rotted stench from his breath unexpectedly reached my nose. I settled instead for clearing my throat and spraying his wretched face with as much spittle as I could muster. The bastard's face creased with a wretched smile as he reached up to wipe his face. My skin crawled as his tongue snaked out and lapped at his talon-like fingers. A look of unbridled lust passed across his broken features as his thin stick-like frame shuddered uncontollably before me. He barked out a cracked laugh then turned and strode purposefully out of the room, that smile still playing on his quivering lips.


 A short time later I heard the door opening then softly closing behind me. For a scant second I was sure that I could smell my wife's favourite perfume. Distant memories brought tears to my eyes. I strained my head round but was not ready for the sight that awaited me. The female abomination had returned alone. She had gone upstairs no doubt and foraged through my wife's wardrobe returning to me wearing one of her little black dresses, a pair of badly laddered stockings and a pair of six inch stilletoes. She had gone to the trouble of running a brush through her hair, I observed, but had failed to notice that the same brush still hung limply at her mottled greenish shoulder, trapped and swaying in her thinning, lank tresses. Astonished panda-like eyes from too much mascara and a mess of lipstick haphazardly pointing arrow-like in the direction of her mangled left ear completed the post-death fashion statement which shambled towards me with a wanton grimace on its face. I closed my eyes and all I could take in was the scent of my wife. The thing must have poured the whole bottle upon herself.


I felt a hand run gently through my hair then a light pressure as she awkwardly lifted her left leg then straddled my lap. Her cold dead hands gently cupped my face as she looked into my eyes. Fierce bloodshot orbs wildly questioned mine. I tried to twist away but she was too strong. My stomach lurched as she leant in, peppering my face first with light moth-like kisses then started to messily lick up and down my face. Grabbing the back of my neck and clamping an iron claw on my shoulder to hold me in place she threw her head back, mouth wide open and toungue lolling from side to side, then started to grind herself into my crotch. I was distraught, abhorred by what was happening but was unable to control the resulting stirrings of her continual rocking movements. With surprising dexterity she roughly tore at both our clothes then lowered herself upon me.........



Conflicting emotions threatened to tear me finally apart. My mind cried out for her to stop but my body, cruel deceiver, accepted its fate. After what seemed like a lifetime, the degredation ceased. She slid off me, a cruel grin playing on her cracked and seeping lips. I thought I was imagining things when she stood behind me and started to loosen my bonds. I wrenched myself from the chair and staggered backwards holding my arms up to shield against what I thought would be the final act to this horrible night. Feeling terror like never before I childishly peeked from behind my splayed fingers. She stood there, dishevelled and slightly swaying, pointing crookedly towards the door and mouthed the word "Gooooooo".

I ran.

As I got to the bottom of my path I could hear an almighty crash from behind me. Stealing a quick look backwards I saw the bald one, a look of feral anger on his face, surrounded by his companions. With a cry they began their chase.......the hunt had begun.

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