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Hi there, Mike Barrington, San Jose Office

Well it's been a long time and yet even longer time since I've wrote or been on Ebaumsworld, but at the same token been a good year.Since the downfall of Zvue Corp. I really just was searching for new Clientele, but the ebaum's crew was always a fun bunch. So I'm coming back on the scene for them. Now to the facts on why Zvue lost the contract to ebaums..Well, under my financial and legal guidance, the CEO of Zvue Corp, Ulysses S. Curry totally went against all precautionary word that I had for him and spent the money whole heartedly on himself and by that I mean a nasty habit of snorting Columbian gold off stripper's asses and or stomach's. It depended on whatever mood he was in I guess. But all the erep prizes seized due to the pot that money was in and through the crews efforts of a rebuttal .still lost the fight.

But a new day and age is emerging and now rehired through the newly founded LCC entertainment, the ebaums staff has put me back in the saddle once again to straighten things out. I do promise unlike the old corporation to not spend as much of the company's money on call girls and exquisite clubs as I once did with Zvue Corp. And will try to keep the life style I much lived down to a minimum. I got a side company in Japan that I get that funding from for that now and all I can say is they love the lap dances from White women..So I feed the dragons just that, and my demons get tamed by the money they throw at me so we're all co sure.

From now on,I will continue to fight any legal threats that may emerge towards the site and will be like a pit bull towards the throat if need be. I talked to Macdreidle as well as Pepper Peanut and E2 about the fight and Endeavour at hand and I ensure you..We will do our best to uphold the greatest  ethical rules of what we call the world wide web. DreaD08 as well as UsedCarMan will run interference. JFetus said he will e-close line anyone that dares even comes close to messing their scheme of maneuvers up for the site. And Mizuka,dana and NYyank.and yes the little bastard child of the site White Chocolate will stay in their guidelines like monkeys with nun chucks and keep the peace and sanity amongst the spammers, hackers and troll that dwell. 

The fact is all ladies and gentlemen of ebaumsworld is that you have to band together as one and do what's best for your second home. Give your idea's up because ultimately this your house. All in all it already is a great place but together everyone can make this an epic website. The staff will come up with some guidelines on what they are looking for as for uploading media and also what you as the user can do to make it betterAs for now I have another meeting to attend so I have to go feed the dogs. Anyone for 9 holes and afterward some shooters of Patron at the Ritz in Scottsdale? Fax me a proposal of "what can you do" and we can Hash and swing it out.


Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices

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