Halloween Candy

Since I bought my house a few years ago I have a ritual that I  perform every year. I go out to my parents house and decorate it with jack o lanterns, that fake spider web crap, witches, ghost,bones... you get the picture.

My parents , you see, live in an area that gets LOTS of kids carpooled in from less affluent, more rural areas. So every year they get a huge turnout and it really tickles my fancy to interact with the kids and watch them (especially the younger ones as they get their dose of candy and cheer.

Now I don't just open the door and give them candy, I make them say "trick or treat" and talk to them about what they are costumed as etc. This whole ritual is fun as hell and I like to think the kids are having as good a time as I am. I even enjoy the peanuts that are out for the first time and crying and scared as hell!

I gotta say that as holidays go I'm not a big "get dressed up and go out guy" but halloween is certainly fun and rewarding interacting with those kids and their parents. I guess I probably benefit more from the holiday than the kids. hell all they got was a lousy few pieces of candy, while I got their smiles, giggles and thank yous.

Props to Big Bad


Uploaded 10/27/2009
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