I'm Giving Away a Free eBaum's World Swag Pack

I am giving away a free eBaum's World swag pack that is coming to me to the new generation of uploaders. This is my personal Mega Swag Pack that I earned and I am giving it away to the EBW user that can be the most creative with a gallery, picture or video that incorporates eBaum's World. To all the new users, this is not just a website but a pretty fun community.


Yes, there are plenty of trolls but look at their profile. They have been here a very long time. I do not work for eBaum's World but I have been a member since 2007. (Officer_Farva since 2009) I stay because of the comrade of my fellow friends on here. I encourage people wanting to upload and obtain eBones to reach out to veteran users. We are all here to help. I will be glad to help anyone wanting tips on uploads on helping getting features. This site needs fresh blood and I have plenty of resources and fellow users that would be glad to help.


PM me and/or friend me and I will be happy to take the time to help anyone. Getting back to the Mega Swag pack. This is not coming from eBaum's, it is coming from me. I have a few helpers that will be judges. Have fun, be creative, and I just realized I probably need to have a tag in there for entries since this isn't run through the site. Get creative guys. There are a lot of people on here that want to make sure that you all have a good time. Don't expect smart ass responses from everyone.


I highly suggest, you friend as many users and Mods as you can so you can ask questions. It's a community not a website. We welcome everyone as long as you are not here for hate. Thanks!

Uploaded 05/16/2015
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