I've noticed most of you are getting only a fraction of the view

I've noticed most of you are getting only a fraction of the views my blogs are getting. I usually don't read your shit, but I know the reason. Your blogs suck ass. Here are some tips for you on what to do get audience and views.

1. Don't be boring.

2. Don't write about the same shit all the time.

3. Don't turn the section into an arena for resolving your personal dramas and obsessions with other users.

4. Writing about me might give you views, but it's because people want to read my articles and are interested in me. If you keep putting my name in the title, you'll receive more views for a few blogs but sooner or later the readers will know you don't have much to offer and that you're trying to promote your crappy blogs using the name of a quality writer to draw audience.

5. Don't steal or even re-post someone else's articles. It goes without question you should at least give the source for your blogs if you rip them from someone, but apparently not everybody knows the basic rules of decency (it's not that obvious to Letemdangle, for example). If you need to re-post someone's articles, you need to know, the audience here is small. If you don't know what to write about, why do you bother to post it? Whoring for ebone points?

6. Look up to the best bloggers.

7. By best bloggers I mean me and my alts.

8. I usually don't like cookies, but that doesn't apply to the ones with milk chocolate coating. Those are delicious.

9. The Walking Dead season 3 continues this sunday.

10. Did you know a human's eyes stay the same size since birth?
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