Marijuana Kills

Some time ago, there was a bunch of pot heads commenting in my blog about how Ron Paul waned to legalise drugs to get drug addicts to vote for him. They were saying that marijuana is better than alcohol and it didn't kill anyone. Of course, these idiots thought that if you can't overdose it like you can with other drugs or alcohol, it doesn't kill. It does. If you're too stupid to use your imagination, perhaps this will help:

Every year, over a thousand American drivers die in accidents caused by them being under the effects of marijuana.

Each year, there's over 50 people who die choking to death while gagging on marijuana smoke.

Each year, people with dread locks get shot and robbed by marijuana addicts.

Of course, for a pot headed idiot, that must sound like nothing. You can't overdose it, right? But it's still a drug, and the marijuana supporters seem to forget to mention that you get addicted to marijuana very easily. Another fact is that marijuana addiction leads to trying more potent stuff like cocaine. Scientists proved that 99% of cocaine addicts admit that the first drug they've tried was marijuana. Coincidence? Of course not.

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