My daddy rednote part two.

Hello. My name is Andrew. Today, I went to the store with my daddy rednote. We bought ice cream, milk, cheese, and yogurt. My daddy rednote loves stuff from cows because he says mommy looks like a cow (my mommy tyaeda). my daddy also bought cigarettes and whiskey. My daddy likes to smoke and drink when he plays poker with his Vietnam combat friends. 

My daddy rednote doesn't like Vietnamese food because he fought in the Vietnam War. My daddy rednote said that he strangled fifty Vietnamese soldiers with one hand. My daddy rednote doesn't like Vietnamese people because they tortured him in a bamboo cage and drops of water. One day, my daddy rednote escaped from a Vietnam facility. He had to chew through five Vietnamese soldiers with his dentures. My daddy rednote is a brave soldier. He likes to show mommy tyaeda and me his medal collection. He has ten purple hearts. 

After going to the store, daddy rednote drove me back home. Mommy tyaeda was there with a fresh batch of brownies. Mommy tyaeda ate most of the brownies. Daddy rednote turned red in the face. He slapped mommy tyaeda and sent her back to the kitchen to make more. Daddy rednote normally gets his way because he fought in the Vietnam War. My daddy rednote hates Vietnamese food and people. They tortured him and broke his dentures. 

After eating brownies, daddy rednote mommy tyaeda and me played Candy Land. Mommy tyaeda won first roll but daddy rednote grew red in the face again. daddy rednote won first roll and won the game or else he would grow red in the face again and get the belt. When daddy rednote gets the belt, mommy tyaeda pushes me into the closet and i hear screams. Daddy rednote tells me that they are roleplaying. I don't know what that means. 

Okay thanks for reading bye. 

Uploaded 10/19/2011
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