Pepper Peanut's Top 10 of 2010

So here it is. This is my best of 2010. The Antoine Dodsons and Epic Beard Mans, though
totally relevant and huge gifts from the internet to the year 2010, were too obvious. This is
a list of the shit that I couldn't get out of my head or couldn't stop sharing. This is the
land of Baby Monkeys. Riding backwards on a pig. Baby Monkeys. 

1. Bad Ass

This is probably my most shared video of the year. I bet this guy knows every Faith No
More lyric and he's probably got some magic trick that he overuses. Or maybe he's just
one of those one hand clappers. 


This was definitely 2010's Latarian Milton. "Howzers on fayr!"

3. Darwin Award Winner 2010

This was definitely the best Darwin Award video of the year. It's nice to see South Korea
doing their part this year. Never enough assholes who'd rather die than wait for the elevator . 

4. Welcome to Lafayette, Indiana

Suck Ass Bastard. 

5. Travis Likes Beer!

The thing with Travis and his gang is that they're timeless. Though they have going
round and round on such topics as Bears, Wolves, Gothics and Elvis, I think this remix
of Travis and his feelings on beer is the top of the heap. I'd even go so far as it say that
it is the Moonstar.

6. Kitty Wearing A Tiny Hat

Speedo, or whatever dumb non-cat-name they gave that poor mother was right. That
hat was silly and in bad taste. Bravo, Speedo.

7. Kid Wants To Go To Jail

You're right, dude. Juvy ain't shit. I don't even feel scared and shit. I think maybe it's
actually that he gets more action in jail. In Juvy he's just another 16 year bottom. In
jail he's THE 16 year old bottom.

8. News Reporter Shits Herself

Totally tries to keep it together for the interview, we're rolling, and bloom! The girl is
kind of a babe. Or maybe it's just that she shits herself.  I was really surprised by the
volume of comments from people wondering if she had her microphone on in the
bathroom. I didn't realize how many fecal freaks we had on the site.

9. Best Cry Ever (Slayer Edition)

What a beautiful day it was when the original clip showed up. I must have played it 10
times in a row. Everyone knew that a few remixes or an autotune would show up, but I
don't think anyone expected this.

10. Baby Monkey

This is the perfect way to end my top ten. All of my friends hate this video because it's
A) So annoying and B) I can never stop singing it. As our user Happyfrog puts it: We are
all baby monkeys trying to hold on to
that pig we call life.

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