Seven Psychocats


The Seven Psychopaths trailer is recut to feature all cat performers, proving that a cast full of housepets are better actors than most of Hollywood. Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Tom Waits, and Christopher Walken? More like Colin Feral, Cat Rockwell, Woody Harrelcat, Tomcat Waits, and Catstopher Walken! I haven’t seen this much pussy since the video I watched right before this one.

Two friends on a road trip sing the Meow Mix commercial

Seven Psychocats is about criminal felines committing the worst crime in the cat world: trying to save a dog. The world has been turned upside down! Cats kidnapping dogs? What’s next? Kids dognapping cats? I hope so, because children belong in prison. I heard that in one part of the movie a cat gets shot after trying to catch the laser pointer attached to a gun.

There is a difference between these two photos? Can you spot it.

Catstopher Walken has the most badass part in the trailer: When another cat holds him up with a gun, he refuses to put his hand in the air because cats don’t know what guns are or what it means to die. Not only that but Christopher Walken’s speech coming from a cat’s mouth makes more sense than Christopher Walken’s speech coming from Christopher Walken.

One thing’s for sure these won’t be the first celebrities to poop on the red carpet *cough* Gary Busey *cough*.

Not pictured: bird being shot.

8 birds were harmed during the making of this trailer.

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