The Retarded Romney Voters

I'm sometimes amazed how idiotic some politician can sound and uneducated clowns are still going to buy their bull shit. Recently there was a debate with president Barack Obama and that Mitt Romney. At some point Obama pointed out that during his rule around 5 millions of work places were created. The reply from his opponent was that there's still 20 million unemployed Americans. Seriously? You're going to play that card?

Of course, a bunch of idiots heard this and took it as Obama didn't create 25 millions of work places like needed. Instead of realising that he created 5 millions (yes, FIVE MILLIONS!) of work places. How many did Romney create? That's right, none, because he's not a president. He's a propagandist. It's like there was a ball celebrating some charity event and somebody praised a philanthropist saying they built 1000 schools in Africa thanks to their funding and some jack ass would interrupt by saying "yeah, but there's still 5000 schools that need to be built!" How would you react to that? "What a stupid ass hole," of course. But no... Romney fans think that's an awesome comeback. Probably because 80% of Romney voters are uneducated.

This kind of hypocrisy and stupidity is comparable to the dumb ass anti fur activists. All of them are slutty attention whores that want to act like they're doing something for the world, but what they are actually doing is vandalism (destroying furs with paint), shouting and walking naked in public. It's funny how they defend foxes who are some of the most devious animals. They break in to farms and kill chickens for fun. Because that's what foxes do.

There's this joke about a fox.

A farmer found out one of his chickens was missing. He walked around the farm and saw a fox. He asked the fox "Did you eat one of my chickens?" The fox replied with "No." The next day there was another chicken missing. The farmer noticed fox trail and followed it to find the fox walking near his farm. He asked him "Did you eat my chicken?" The fox replied with "No, that wasn't me." The day after the farmer found out that the third chicken was missing. He looked behind the hen house and there was the fox there. The farmer said "It's you, you're eating my chickens!" And the fox replied with. "No, it wasn't me."

And it was him.

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