What Pisses Me Off Vol. 11

I've written about this before, but you know what, I feel it's worth a re-write.



You know those dumb fucks that cut you off in the left lane, only to stop 10 feet later to make a left turn? Instead of gracefully slowing down and getting behind you, they feel the need to be assholes. And if it's not those guys, it's the dumb fucking Asian going 20 under the speed limit, or the fucking Arab doing 50 over the limit and have the nerve to stare you down if you get overtaken by them. Better yet, how about the dumbass who rolls through a red light and turns right infront of you, almost causing an accident. Fuckin eh. Sometimes I wish I was a cop just to fucking pull these dumb shits overs and give them a $500 ticket for whatever reason.


Another thing, I don't know if this happens in your city, but for whatever reason, on Friday nights, the mall is infested with 13 year old kids thinking they're all pimp and hoe. Fucking mall rats. I can't even see a damn movie anymore without being annoyed to hell with these people. Thirteen year old girls should NOT be wearing makeup that makes them look like they belong on the corner of the red light district. And then these fucking guys...standing 5' 3", voices higher pitched than a monkey, and they think they can take on a security guard? Best line I've ever heard by a mall rat is, "Stfu before I smack you with my 10" dick!"....Yeah...I'm pretty sure you haven't hit puberty yet dumbfuck. Piss off.


Anyways, that's all for this blog I think...

What Pisses You Off?

Uploaded 08/09/2011
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