Blog Contest: Enter For A Chance To Win $50

Tell us about the worst date you've ever been on for a chance to win $50!

In honor of our new blog tool, we are holding a different kind of contest this week. That's right, we don't just want your snail faced photoshops or zingy captions, but instead, we want, in 500 words or less, your Worst Date story. 

So rack your brain and think back to that time, maybe it was last week when you had a horrible date or series of dates. This could be you and your significant other going on a 'date night' or it could be that time you and Tinderella hot boxed your car in the back of an IHOP. Same rules apply for any contest. 

Please submit your blogs by using the standard media UPLOAD TAB. (next to your AVATAR)  Also, please tag your blog with 'worst-date-ever' so we know where to find it later. If you don't have an eBaum's World account Create one HERE, it's free! Entries must be received by 12 pm est on April 16th for you to have a chance at winning a $50 Amazon gift card!


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