24 Facepalms That Are The Epitome of Cringe

Everybody get your faces ready, because they are going to be in your palms faster than a Karen who just found out there's a new vegan gluten free coffee shop around the corner. This gallery is full of funny facepalms that are sure to make you recoil, and wonder just how people could bring themselves to such levels of cringe.

Pulled from the subreddit r/facepalm, this is a compilation of curated content, hand selected from a prime producer of face palmable pics. Whether it be people demonstrating their negative grasp on geography, a questionable understanding of the English language - a language of which they are a native speaker - or even a mind boggling grasp of the American political climate of which I'm sure you all have your own face palmable takes, here are 24 examples of prime facepalms of stupidity, procured by people proficient in the art of identifying such examples.
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