17 People Who Are Real Smartasses

The world is full of quick-witted people always ready to pounce on an opportunity to deliver a funny joke, burn, or sarcastic comment. If you're out and about on the internet commenting or replying, you had better watch your back out there. There is always someone waiting to pounce on you for an ill informed statement, incorrect date, or a point of view they disagree with. While a great comment, reply, or post can live on forever in all of its glory, a savage burn, witty comeback, or matter of fact reply can also live on in infamy. So keep that in mind next time you are wandering through the internet wasteland and decided to fire off a comment or reply to a post, because you do so at your own risk!

Check out this selection of funny one-liners from internet users who definitely hit the mark! If you're in the mood for more check out 22 Comments that Hit the Mark.
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