19 Crafty Ways People Exploited Loopholes

Clever people who found ways to beat the system and sidestep ridiculous laws and regulations. The brave souls represented here knew that as well, so they found loopholes to exploit and do things the way they want to. Scroll for some fun knowledge and maybe a little inspiration

As fun as life can be, it can also be inundated with rules, regulations, laws, and a very long list of "do nots". Even as kids, we were told there were certain rules and led to believe those rules existed for good reason. However, as we get older, it becomes obvious that most rules are complete bullshit. In fact, a large number of them were engineered with the sole purpose of making us behave or keeping us in line. From Santa Claus only bringing presents to children who are good through out the year, to it being illegal to drive with an interior light on inside the car, a lot of the things we believed when we were kiddos turned out to be a big fat lie.
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