22 People You Should Not Make Angry

In this gallery, we have compiled a list of people you should never make angry. In this list provided to us by the collective minds of Twitter, we take a look at some people it might be in your best interests not to piss off. Whether for your own physical safety, or just the leverage they hold over parts of the quality of your life, we advice doing whatever it takes not to piss these people off.

Featured prominently within this gallery are people who work in professions that have control over your body, like different kinds of doctors and dentists. Seeing as those people have control over your health, it is advisable that you don't do too much that might put you on their hit list. Next thing you know you might need a root canal, and they control the pain killer. Therefore, perhaps hold your tongue on your more controversial opinions, say please and thank you, and realize your life is in the control of others.
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