20 Male Living Spaces That Don’t Give a Hoot About Your Opinion

It doesn't take much to make dudes happy when it comes to living conditions. A bed, a television, maybe a chair. That's about it.

So we've sourced r/MaleLivingSpace for some of the coolest, and most relaxing male apartments we've ever seen.

Most of these are simple, yet still elegant. Yes I used the word elegant. Men don't need a lot of glitz or glam to make a living space look nice. A simple piece of furniture, a table, maybe a loveseat will easily do the trick.

We did throw in a couple bars, pool tables, and dart boards because you gotta have room for activities in your life, but other than that it's just your everyday apartments.

Keep your head up fellas. Don't let a girl tell you what you need. Keep pushing forward with that mattress on the floor, PS5 in the corner, and fridge full of Miller Lite as long as you possibly can.
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