20 Funny Facepalms of Stupidity

The level of stupidity can be hard to fathom sometimes. I suppose it stands to reason that with so many people in the world, enough of them would be dumb enough to give us so many face palmable moments as to continuously be doused in photos and pictures to put on the internet. That doesn't mean however that it is any less impressive that so many of those people exist, only that they do.

Of course not every face palm moment comes curtesy of a person. Companies, groups, and even technology and sheer luck can fall victim to a beautiful moment of utter foolish facepalmable tomfoolery. In those cases it is harder to point a single finger and say, 'hey, that person is responsible for the facepalm.' But we must try and find a scapegoat anyhow, seeing as identifying the facepalm causer is part of the joy of these images.

These pictures are from r/facepalm. Check out 29 Cringe Pics of Complete Facepalm.
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