20 Fresh Memes of the Dankest Kind

Another day, another batch of fresh memes that are just thick with dank. Churned into a satisfying, creamy texture over weeks, each of the dollops of dankness are practically sweating a bizarre, textural dankness that comes with a slightly oily aftertaste. If that doesn't sound inviting, maybe you should quit reading this mod's word-vomit and scroll on down to the memes you came for.

Anyway, back to the vivid, sensory description of the dank, gelatinous gloop that is each of the certifiably dank memes cooling off down below. Slightly acidic, it's good to pair with something alkaline to "cut" the flavor and really bring out the earthy, sewage-like undertones that give it the full-bodied flavor we all love and enjoy.

Scoop it up and feel the slight, buttery give as you sink your teeth into its still-warm center. Mmmmm. Now that's dank. Once you've finished stuffing your face-portal with these delectable nuggets o' dank, feel free to wash it all down with even more dankness, as enjoyed by many of our slovenly patrons.
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