19 Cool Graphs and Charts to Take In

It is very important to learn and grow as we move through life. Learning about the world is necessary to contextualize our lives, our beliefs, and the way go about practicing them. Very often learning comes in the form of school, and even when school uses numbers, charts, and graphs to help you learn they do so in confined spaces and sciences. Now those sciences are important, but they alone do not help you to contextualize all of what is going on around you.

These charts and graphs don't do that either, but with their random nature they are able to give you a snapshot of more than your typical school provided graph could. From pop culture movies, to social media, to political issues, these graphs help you have data to back up, or perhaps help you reconsider certain opinions of yours. So go in with an open mind, and enjoy a random smattering of cool graphs and charts.
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