20 NFL Memes for Your Week One Tailgate Party

Ladies and gentlemen, we're just one week away from football being truly back in our lives. And we couldn't be more excited.

Get the grease and beer stains out of your favorite jersey. Fire up the grill. And cancel all of your Sunday plans, because we've got one week before the NFL is finally back in regular season action.

But before we jump into some memes that are going to make us want to run through a brick wall, just a quick shoutout. A huge thank you to the Instagram page, nflmemes_ig. Without this page, we wouldn't have some of the funniest, most absurd, and downright offensive NFL memes on the internet.

So toss on those lucky team shirts and jerseys, check your fantasy lineups, and crack open a cold one because this is the last football-less week until February of next year. We've waited long enough. So let's get after it!
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