20 People Who Collect Unusual Things

Enthusiast and collectors come in all shapes and sizes. The subjects they care about and the things that they collect also widely vary from one person to the next. Some people enjoy collecting more typical or dare I say 'normal' things like model cars or trains, stones, and minerals, or TV show and movie memorabilia.

Then you have the other end of the spectrum, the more bizarre and wackier side of collecting if you will. There is literally nothing too strange or seemingly useless for some people to collect. From zippers to bowling balls, salt shakers to birdhouses, some people will collect just about anything.

Check out this selection of images that showcase people's collections of the ordinary and the WTF. Maybe they have a hoarding problem, maybe they are legitimately infatuated with these items but one thing is for sure either way, I don't have the darn room to keep any of it at my place!
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