20 Things That Are Mildly Infuriating

This one fact has eluded scientists for centuries: that mildly infuriating things tend to linger on our minds longer and in the end make us more angry than anything that would seem to be a much bigger deal.

Case in point: those little fibers on the inside of bananas that cling to the banana and you have to peel them off one by one even after removing the entire peel. That is straight up one of the most annoying things ever.

Maybe one day humankind will evolve to a point where we can not only understand why the small things always trip us up, but also forget about them and just move on with our lives. Until then, we have this listicle to empathize with.

So sit back and get your scrolling thumb ready because there's only a medium amount to get through here. When you're done, click here for some content to soothe your soul.
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