The Best and Worst Memes in Response to the Queen's Death

The Queen's death triggered reactions all around the world. We've gathered some of the best memes and worst responses we could find. Thank you internet.

It's not everyday that a member of the Royal Family dies. And with an event so remarkable, we kind of had a feeling that the memes and reactions coming from the internet were going to be both amazing and cringeworthy.

The memes started rolling in almost immediately. As soon as word got out that the Queen's health was declining, every digital creator and graphic designer got to work.

Soon after, it was then confirmed that the Queen had indeed passed. And the internet lost its collective mind. Black Twitter had a field day, with Irish Twitter not far behind. The brands of course provided us with enough cringe to fuel an entire nightmare.

Thanks to Twitter, we've rounded up some of the best and worst reactions to Queen Elizabeth II's death. Break out the tea.
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