Females Posting Their L’s Online Is the Karma We like to See

Whoops! Did you really mean to say that? Maybe some ice will help that burn.

Just like we love lifting our fellow men and brothers in arms up when they get a rare win in life, we also enjoy celebrating karma keeping people humble. Such is the case with women posting their L's. And for those who don't recognize the phrase, an 'L' is short for 'loss' or fail.

Before all of you grab your torch and pitchforks, this is NOT a hate piece against women. I love women. I have an amazing wife. And I was raised by 4 sisters, a mom, and a stepmom so yeah. I would say I was heavily influenced by females growing up.

This gallery is about self-owns, self-burns, and karma working its magic on those who truly deserve it.

Thanks to the hilarious Twitter account, Women Posting Their L's Online we've collected some of the most cringeworthy fails from our female counterparts. Enjoy.
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