Fresh Memes Crisper than a Morning Breeze

Another batch of fresh picked memes for all of you heathens to feast on.

This gallery is even more fresh than the 592 previous fresh meme galleries we've curated. Why is that? Well this is what we in the internet business like to call O.C. That stands for original content.

These are memes created by the writers here at eBaum's World. Dank, fresh, and brand new. Never seen before, unless of course you follow eBaum's on Instagram (shameless plug.)

With so many meme sites and accounts out there, we're always seeing the same content. So we thought we'd hit you with a little originality.

We're bringing a little bit of pop culture, movie trivia, and a heavy dose of nostalgia. Two Mighty Ducks memes in one gallery? Who do we think we are? So buckle up, strap in, and get ready to eat your veggies. Only the veggies are some dank-a** memes.
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