21 Hilariously WTF Nightclub Photos of People Who Should Never Drink Again

We've collected another batch of absurdly chaotic nightclub photos! Shoutout to Chaotic Nightclub Photos on Twitter, for once again showing us why we don't go clubbing anymore.

I'm not sure where this phenomenon of getting sponsored club photos taken of you and your crew got started, but I'm all about it. Looking at them and sharing them of course. I'm not setting foot in these cesspools.

The 'club scene' if you will, is a place that people over 30 should probably avoid at all costs. Because if it truly is anything like these photos, I don't want to be anywhere near places like this.

Now if there are any Gen Z readers out there, this stuff should be right up your alley. We've got puking, losing teeth, sloppy make-out sessions, terrible name it, it's probably in this sh*tstorm of a gallery.

So as Eminem once said, "crack a bottle, let your body wobble" and enjoy these sloppy nightclub pics.
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