21 People Who Thought They Were Tougher than the Sun

The sun is the final boss who remains undefeated.

Trust me. I've played the game. I'm a pale, white, ginger kid. I thought I could cheat my way through multiple beach trips, baseball games, and summers. Through all the pain and suffering, I've learned one thing; it's not worth it.

You are not stronger than the sun. For reference the sun's core temperature has been measured at an absolutely astounding 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. Think that opening fire scene from 'T2' only 27 million times worse.

So thanks to our friends over at Flickr, we've collected some of the pinkest, cringiest, and flat-out worst sunburns we could find. These people thought they could slide by and the sun wouldn't notice. Newsflash; the sun is like God or Santa, it sees everything.

So break out the aloe vera, and let's enjoy making fun of the people who f**ked around with the sun and eventually found out.
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