21 Memes Dug Out of the Dank Drain

Ah, a meme collection straight from the land of memes, only brought back by the dedicated team of hand selectors. In this assortment, you will be delighted to discover some high quality memes sure to tickle your timbers. So enjoy 21 dank memes that manage to still smell fresh, and activate your laughter functions.

The land of memes is one of life. Forrests of lush meme jungles crawl over the land's surface, smelling of soil and greenery, with just a hint of dank, produced by the roots of the template trees. On those trees memes grow, some ripe for the picking, and some overgrown with the thorns of poor taste. In order to weed out the good memes, highly trained teams of hand pickers farm the jungle for the freshest of the memes, which they can store and show the world at a later date. It is through their hard labor that we bring you this compilation.
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