20 Fresh Memes of the Dankest Kind

Memes, ah. Without you, what would we do? In addition to achieving our performance goals and making our deepest aspirations a reality, we would probably be incredibly bored. Unable to function. Stymied by the sheer gloom of the meme-less life. Down and out with a meme in the world. 

That's why It's crucial to occasionally delve into the meme stream. T o take a small dip and make yourself comfortable to allow the ever-present boredom to be washed away and your exhausted body covered in the waves of dankness. You must invite the dankness in... and become one with the dank.

Thankfully, there is plenty of dankness to go around and plenty of dankness to savor should you embrace the meme stream with open arms. As you should, considering that a meme a day keeps the debilitating existential angst at bay. Just remember that there will always be more memes to come because, as a species, we simply can't help ourselves.
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