Woman Gets Former Neighbor’s Car Towed After They Keep Parking in Her Spot

This woman on r/AmITheAsshole recounts her story of parking space superiority, and the ever relevant troublesome neighbor. Anyone who has ever lived someplace where parking comes at a premium knows the struggle of coming home late at night and realizing that you may face a multiple hour search.

This woman luckily lives in a building with its own parking area, although it only has room for the small eight car population of the building. After one neighbor decides to move, she keeps parking in her same spot to avoid paying for other parking. Once a new resident arrives however, and the ex neighbor is now in our narrator's spot, something needs to be done. Especially considering that our narrator is pregnant and unable to easily walk the distances required for street parking. So, she gets her ex neighbor's car towed, and a hotly contested who is the a**hole debate ensues.
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