22 Internet Tough Guys You Don't Want to Mess With

If the internet were preparing for an all-out battle, then it'd be best to recruit these keyboard warriors to your side. The thing is, it isn't, and these guys acting tough from the safety of their parent's basements are about as threatening as the Call of Duty five year old telling me all the things he's going to do with my mom. 

I don't care that you allegedly have a black belt in karate, or Navy Seal experience, accuracy awards from your shooting range, or an undefeated record in numerous street fights. We're both sitting at our computers watching the same video, and only one of us is itching for conflict. They say that the best quality a real fighter can have is knowing when not to throw a punch, and that's clearly a skill these people are lacking.

It sounds like all of these dudes - why is it always dudes - might be trying to compensate for a lack of something else by attempting to intimidate strangers on the internet. It's really quite sad if you think about it.

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