23 People Who Think They're Way Tougher Than They Are

Ah, the internet tough guy. He is the most badass person behind that screen of his, akin to Rambo or John Wick. His toughness knows no limit, and his bravery knows no bounds... not that we have anything but his word to back that up, but then nobody ever lies on the internet right? There is no way he's not that Mr. Tough Guy... that is until he actually has to do something in real life and interact with another real person.

The internet tough guys are no different than the swarm of social media influencers corrupting that sphere, two sides of the same coin. Just as that tropical beach vacation is probably in front of a green screen, this guy's right fist definitely hasn't punched anything that isn't a dry wall. And if it did, it was probably followed up by receiving one as well. They are also definitely not the lady players they think they are. Why are they along in every picture?
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