22 Spot-On Insults That Left People in Tears

A collection of funny insults from around the world. Each one stings harder than the last, and their pain will be remembered for years to come. The internet can be a dangerous place at times and you have to watch your back because one little misstep could leave you the butt of a joke, a hilarious reply, or a truly savage comeback or insult. So tread lightly out there because someone is just waiting to knock you down a peg or two.

If you thought the kids who made fun of you in middle school were mean, these online brutes will make you think twice.

Their pinpoint accuracy in finding the most devastatingly mean things to say to others' faces is really excellent work. In fact, we commend them for it.

So scroll through for some good ol' fashioned laughter at someone else's expense. Don't hold back your chuckles, because these fools didn't hold anything back either.

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