21 Predictions and Quotes That Aged Poorly

Aging is a fine process. All things and people age differently. We like to follow celebrities aging, and form strong opinions around what they look like. George Clooney? Yes. Helen Mirren? Yes. Ozzy Osbourne? Maybe not so much.

We like to think about ourselves aging too, with people buying more and more beauty products, or investing insane money in insane surgeries that do nothing but make it apparent that they spent insane money on said insane surgery. What we don't talk about as much is thoughts aging poorly, which is the focus of this gallery. These people came out with some takes that proved to be cooler than the Beer inside a Coors Light can with blue mountains. Now it's not easy to predict the future, but surely you can at least make some educated guesses? What could ever lead someone to predict that the iPhone wasn't going to stick around for a little bit? Or that the Wii sucked? Maybe the predictions were made by people aging poorly themselves. At the very least their minds seemed to be.

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