38 Comments That Had a Sniper's Accuracy

If you're going to post something on the internet, there's a good chance a few people will see it. Odds are those are people who know you personally, who followed you on whatever platform you're on simply because they know you in real life. But, every now and then, lightning strikes and whatever you put out there goes everywhere. And, when that happens, you best prepare yourself for some wisdom from the crowd.

Things can go viral for the right reason or the wrong reason -- hopefully whatever made it catch on was part of your intent. Because when enough people see what you put out there, you're gonna get hit with a solid dose of reality. So ensure you are self-checked before you're wrecked. It can happen.

Savage comments and brutal comebacks that cut people down. Remember out here in these digital streets, if you leave room for someone to roast you, they more often will do just that.

Here are the stories of people who got smacked by commenters.

And when you've had enough of the roasts, check out this fresh batch of funny pics and memes.
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